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Why Lucas Beach

You named the club after yourself...?

When I coaching at Clemson we had a Assistant Coaches Council Meeting where all the Assistant Coaches were invited to come together and share ideas and take workshops to help further our careers.  One such workshop focused on what our program would look like if where were in charge. Everyone was excited and began speaking very honestly about what values they held dear or what would make their program stand out. One question made me nervous to answer. "What will be your X Factor?"

This is a pretty standard question, but since I was in a room full of amazing coaches, I didn't want to give it a soft answer. After throwing out 4 or 5 standard answers, I decided to choose the one that I kept pushing off. My "X Factor" is me. I kept refusing this answer because it seemed a little conceded and I was beginning to feel the Imposter Syndrome watering down my ideas.

I decided to go for it.  I told the council that I was my own "X Factor"! As I began to explain why, other coaches began to approve and expand on what that meant to them. one of the veteran assistant coaches said, "If you can't sell yourself, you're in the wrong business." This comment stuck with me, and the support of the other coaches solidified my answer.

Brittany & I understand that we are just part of the journey! Everyone we coach has many voices of influence in their lives, and we take immense pride in being one of those voices. We value our work and commit ourselves to 

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